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The Paxum range of premium stretch wrap film is proving itself to be the product of choice due to its superior properties including stretchability, cling, puncture resistance, clarity and low noise application.

The Paxum stretch wrap film range is made up of multi layer Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin. Combined with a special Metallocene Octene resin that is applied to the outside layers, this results in a product that provides extra durability and stretchability.


Now, if you found that last paragraph a mouth full or you're new to the world of stretch wrap film, here are the details that really matter!


Paxum Films comes in a range of thickness, from 8um through to 30u, and is available in 3 different roll types.


  1. Machine rolls for automatic applications
  2. Hand rolls
  3. Bundling rolls for manual applications


With the introduction of the newly innovated thin gauge stretch film 8um-12um, this 9 layer cast film is specially designed as as to achieve the lowest cost of wrapping per pallet guaranteed.


Due to it’s thin and strong structure, it can be utilized to achieve savings of up to 65% on the amount of film consumption.


Same strength but thinner film means less wastage and more savings in your pocket! 


paxum films stretch wrap



Stretch Film Types

We offer a wide range of stretch wrap films and accessories to cover all your requirements. 




Roll Types

Machine Rolls


The Paxum Films machine rolls are specially designed to suit your automatic stretch wrap machines (add link)


They offer a high clarity cast film with great cling, low noise application, excellent memory and very high puncture resistance.

machine rolls stretch wrap film



Hand Rolls


Our range of Paxum Film hand rolls are perfect for those smaller and odd shaped jobs that still require a quality wrapping application combined with easy to handle rolls of wrap. 


hand rolls stretch wrap film



Bundling Rolls 


The Bundling Rolls from Paxum Films are the perfect size for use as a mini stretch wrap system which strongly binds your products together. The stretch wrap doesn’t stick to products and is quick and easy to use with dispenser!


bundling rolls stretch wrap film



The Full Range Of Accessories


The Paxum Films brand also extends to the full range of premium stretch wrap accessories required for the job. 


The range covers everything from:

  • Dispensers
  • Heat Sealers
  • Centre Fold Film
  • Furniture Covers
  • Automatic Wrapping Machines
  • Bin Liners
  • Poly Woven Bags
  • and much more!



Product Specifications

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