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Packaging Supplies.


Two words that cover an incredible amount of products!


Here at Gateway Packaging, we are constantly expanding our inventory to stock a wider variety of products to service the needs of our customers which span several industries! 


Let's take a look at our product catergories and break down some of the key products included in each...



Strapping & Accessories

Strapping is used to ensure that a load is secured during transport.


It is widely used due to its strength and minimal volume required to complete the job, which is good for both your budget and the environment.


There are many different varieties and types of strapping. 


The Tenso range covers:


We recently wrote this in-depth blog post on How To Choose The Right Strapping For The Job. 


Our Tenso Strapping also comes with it's own range of Tenso Strapping Accessories.


Strapping Starter Kit

We offer a Strapping Starter Kit as an initial purchase if you are new to the world of strapping or only have a small number of jobs to complete. The kit has everything you need to get started and at a discounted bundle rate. 


strapping starter kit




Stretch Films & Plastic Products

 Paxum Films comes in a range of thickness, from 8um through to 30u, and is available in 3 different roll types.


  1. Machine rolls for automatic applications
  2. Hand rolls
  3. Bundling rolls for manual applications


With the introduction of the newly innovated thin gauge stretch film 8um-12um, this 9 layer cast film is specially designed as as to achieve the lowest cost of wrapping per pallet guaranteed.


Due to it’s thin and strong structure, it can be utilized to achieve savings of up to 65% on the amount of film consumption.


Same strength but thinner film means less wastage and more savings in your pocket. 


Our range of stretch wrap films and accessories are designed to cover all your requirements. 


paxum stretch wrap film



Packaging Tapes

 You can never have too much tape on hand right?


You will also be able to have a specific tape for every situation with the variety that we keep in stock. 


Everything from standard packaging tape, e-tape and industrial tape to printed warning tapes and extra heavy duty tape!


e-tape dispenser 





Protective Packaging

Need to protective your products during transport or storage? 


We can help you with a wide range of bubble wrap, poly foam, viod fill and tissue paper. 


Choose from:


bubble wrap


Marking & Identification

You no longer need to write a list to take with you for your stationary shopping!   


You can do it right here online via our secure shopping cart and we will handle delivery for you. 


In our Marking and Idnetification sections you can shop for everything from:


Mailing & Despatch

 You also no longer need to write a list to take with you for your mailing, despatch or postal shopping!   


You can do it right here online via our secure shopping cart and we guarrantee same-day despatch on all orders before 2PM!


In our Mailing and Despatch section you can shop for everything from:

Screenshot 2017-10-31 12.08.10.png


Health & Safety

Health and Safety is so very important and that is why we have such a large range in stock! 


We can help you ensure that your entire workplace and each employee is kit out to ensure their health and safety is taken care of!


Select from products such as:

safety vest


Kitchen & Washroom

Our kitchen and washroom catergories holds a wide range of products that every business, community group, event centre and school use on a daily basis!


Let us help ensure you are always fully stocked with all the essential items such as:

nescafe blend 43 coffee 

Equipment & Machines

This is the section that holds a lot of our heavier equipment and machines! 


You can find a whole range covering:

pallet wrapping machines  


Product Specifications

You can see individual product specifications and also place orders online at www.gatewaypackaging.com.au  



Have A Question?

If you have a question, we would like to answer it for you as quickly as possible!


The fastest way to talk with us directly is via our Live Chat!


Otherwise, you are welcome to call our Sales Hotline 8AM-5PM business days on 1300 003 310.   

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